Swissdigital was founded in 2014 as a high-tech alliance of Swiss watch engineering and innovative technology. With our line of electronically enhanced Intelligent Communication Watches, bags, backpacks, and other wearables, you can live smarter and navigate life better.

Our Commitment

The name Swissdigital carries with it the promise of quality, value, and leading-edge technology. We are committed to merging style with Swiss watchmaking, and we are committed to providing outstanding service to our customers. The lifetime warranty on all our products covers defects in manufacturing, materials, and workmanship. At Swissdigital, we stand behind our craft.

SwissDigital For Life

Swissdigital presents the world’s first Swiss-made Intelligent Communication Watch, a masterpiece of technology and design powered by authentic Swiss engineering. The vanguard of the watch revolution, this evolved quartz timepiece is your mobile phone, health tracker, GPS, music player, and much more. Features such as the environmental monitor and motion recognition were designed with athletes and outdoor enthusiasts in mind. Hands-free communication at its most intelligent.

And for a truly mobile lifestyle, Swissdigital’s line of electronically enhanced bags and backpacks integrates your smartphone, tablet, and laptop with your life. Experience the freedom of charging your devices and staying connected to your music wherever you are. With built-in technology, Swissdigital backpacks also help protect you from data theft while offering the convenience of storing and organizing electronics in a central place.

By pairing Swiss precision with patented technology, Swissdigital has raised the bar for superior performance.